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Design And Implementation Of The Securities Short-term Trading Analysis System

Posted on:2014-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330422953291Subject:Control engineering
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Since the20th century, the development of the world economy has made aqualitative leap, the forms of many emerging economies have sprung up, andsecurities trading are one of them. With the degree of information society becominghigher, the forms of securities trading becoming more varied, the illegal trading willbe happened. So, in order to avoid a variety of illegal trading happened, we not onlyto be restrained from legislation, but also to establish efficient and information intoone of the regulatory system to monitor the process of the securities trading exchange.Different national has different securities regulatory contents, but, regulations of thesecurities insider trading, prevent the black-box operation, regulate trade market, andprotect the legitimate rights and interest of the securities trading people is one of thepurposes of establishment the securities regulatory system.In this paper, based on the characteristics of the Japanese securities marketregulatory system, as a legal basis of issued by the Japanese in2008of "FinancialInstruments and Exchange Act” of Article163and Article165(2) to design theanalysis algorithm. The system analysis of the specified securities and cycle’stransaction data, and the results of the analysis will be provided to relevant person; itis a judgment basis of whether an illegal trading happened.In this paper, the compliance with the design principles of software engineering,based on the system development techniques, introducing the overall framework ofthe system, functional requirements, and the method of implementation, from thesystem design, system implementation, system testing, and other aspects to elaborate.Main contents are as follows:1. The system designed on the basis of Struts and Hibernate technology, thefunction of each part achieved by hierarchical and reduce the redundancy between thevarious parts.2. The concept of data mining association rules applied to the design of theanalysis algorithms. The time of analyzing a great amount of data reduced a lot,decrease from50minutes to about10minutes (about220,000data)3. Fully guarantee the transparency of the monitoring; the Email functions anddata procedures documented functions have designed into the system. 4. Performance measurement, fully proved that the accuracy and efficiency of theanalysis algorithm.The design and implementation of the system is the focus of this article.Determination of the final performance of the system through the analysis, it reachesthe goal of design specifications. I believe that we can get some exploitationknowledge about the financial regulatory analysis systems.
Keywords/Search Tags:securities regulatory, analysis, illegal trading, hierarchical, data mining
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