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From The Perspective Of Social Responsibility To Talk To The Practitioners Of Media Literacy

Posted on:2015-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the1930s first suggested after media literacy by British scholars, after decades ofdevelopment, the media literacy in Europe, U.S. and other countries around the world madedifferent levels of development. In today’s society, media is widely used in the study ofpeople’s lives, people are in use, using the medium at the same time should have what kind ofmedia literacy has increasingly attracted attention and attention. Media literacy has becomeone of the modern society citizens should have the basic quality Media.The study of medialiteracy, starts late in our country, media literacy and media literacy education vocabulary alsoappeared frequently in recent years. As for media literacy education research and theunderstanding in deepening, increasing emphasis, academia and industry is in the preliminaryexploration and seek suitable for China’s national conditions of media literacy researchsystems. At present, in the face of media credibility, lack of media responsibility, frompersonnel of course of discipline is poorer, and the reality of news anomie phenomenon occurrepeatedly, from the perspective of media’s social responsibility in our country, this paper toanalyze the employees, the development situation of media literacy problems, and because ofthe effects of lack of media literacy in industry. Put forward the group not only for theaudience of media literacy education, should also include the media practitioners; The medialiteracy education to promote the importance of media’s social responsibility. Thedevelopment of media literacy education is not only confined to the general public to enhanceand improve to the attention of the media practitioners to literacy education. Theimplementation of the media literacy education is not going to accomplish, it will be a longand difficult process. Practitioners of media literacy education in China in the future how todevelop, how to get out of the media literacy education suitable for China’s nationalconditions, are all we have to consider and face the problem. Idea transformation, systemsecurity, self-discipline consciousness enhancement, and so on, we still have a lot to do.
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