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Research On China And Japan Students Attitude Towards Media And The Strategies To Improve Media Literacy

Posted on:2007-05-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1118360185473192Subject:Education Technology
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Lots of media information has become the most important channel of callan getting information with the mass media popularization about TV, video, books, newspapers and Internet, which makes that improving their literacy becomes imminent. Callan attitude about the media, including cognitive and emotional components that are the two basic dimensionality of media literacy, will immediately affect their behaviors in the face of media. So the study, through investigation about callan attitude about media, is to find out their cognitive and emotional dimensionality of media literacy and to bring forward strategies about improving their media literacy.The paper applies documents research, questionnaire survey, comparative study and interview and other research methods to make the comparative study on the attitudes of China and Japan students, the strategies of improving student's media literacy and effect checkout of the strategies. The main research methods are documents research, questionnaire survey, comparative study and interview.The paper, through analyzing 113 pieces of papers correlating with media literacy in Chinese Periodicals Network and ProQuest Digital Dissertations(doctor and master thesis sector), discovers that the main issues of China media literacy research are less in study time and in research results, more in qualitative analysis and less in quantitative analysis than those of the foreign; the studies are confined to the theoretical research and introduces and lack in effective practice of media literacy education; network media are excessively concerned and the traditional media are ignored. The paper, through lots of questionnaire surveys, finds out student attitude about language media, the print media and electronic media to put forward the strategies of improving student media literacy, and then checks the effect in the practice of media literacy education.The study, by picture projection method, compartmentalizes media into 8 sectors according to the different media seedtime, such as language media (talking with friends), the print media (reading newspapers, cartoons, magazines), electronic media (watching movies, television or using computer / Internet and mobile phones) etc., and uses 8 pictures respectively according with...
Keywords/Search Tags:Media, Media Literacy, Media Literacy Education, attitude, strategies, picture-projection technique
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