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Preliminary Analysis Of Media Literacy And Media Literacy Education Of The Journalists In China

Posted on:2008-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the arrival of the information era, the mass media has become the dominantway for people to communicate and to get information, which means that the media isplaying a more and more important role in our social lives and people's needs of mediais becoming greater and greater, therefore, the media literacy, a related issue to themedia, has become one of the people's important literacies. Media literacy and medialiteracy education, raised and developed by British scholars in 1930s, spread from thewest to Asia and then was studied worldwide and finally entered Chinese mainland inthe 1990s.After having studied the media literacy education for about 10 years, scholars in themainland have got fairly great achievements on theoretical research and practice ofmedia literacy and media literacy education. However, there are still some problemsexisting in the work of the journalists, what's worse, few searches focus on the analysisof the media literacy and the media literacy education of the journalists. Therefore, thisarticle, putting the argument on the crossing point between media literacy education andthe professional behavior of the journalist, studies the status quo and the essentialfactors of journalists' media of journalists' media literacy from several typical mediacases which were analyzed in the way of combining the methods of qualitative analysisand quantitative analysis, and then proposes the principles and methods ofstrengthening journalists' media literacy education.Firstly, the thesis expounds the conceptions of media literacy and media literacyeducation, reviews the origination of media literacy education and its history ofdevelopment, and introduces the current situation of the research and practice of medialiteracy education.Secondly, the thesis analyzed several media cases. Three kinds of media cases——major scientific and technological events, sensational entertainment events andcommemorative historical events which can reflect the society---are chosen to beanalyzed. Based on the analysis of the three typical media cases: the "Super Girl", thesuccessful launch of the spacecraft "Shen Zhou VI" and the 60th anniversary of thevictory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the article summarizes the present stateand the essential factors of our journalists' media literacy and points out the importanceand urgency of strengthening the journalists' media literacy education.Lastly, the thesis introduces the principles and approaches to strengthen thejournalists' media literacy education, based on which we can realize thegoal——promote the culture and improvement of the media literacy of the journalistand the public.I hope that the preliminary discussion in this article can provide some help to thedevelopment of the media literacy and inspiration to the research of the media literacyeducation.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Journalist, Media Literacy, Media Literacy Education
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