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The Study On College Students’ Media Literacy Education In China Under The New Media Vision

Posted on:2016-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2308330479999052Subject:Ideological and political education
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With the birth of the new media and the acceleration of the new media process around the world, new media technology as a kind of high and new technology development, is an inevitable trend will wash to get involved in the network media society by the media information. This is not only a huge impact on traditional media, but also to the whole society and life of each individual has had a profound effect, especially for the college students who grow up with the new media.College students as a special group, they have their own unique psychological and physiological characteristics, it is important to improve their media literacy capacity to be able to maintain themselves in the explosion of information, keep objective and rational, distinguish right and wrong, do not blindly parrot, nor do those who pass false information. The media quality education of college students is not only related to the country’s future and fate, but also to the development of society and the future of thousands of families in the future. So the study of media literacy education of college students is not only the important topic of quality education is also the inherent requirement of Marxist humanism subject, and it is also a practical issue, which has great practical significance.Our media literacy education started late, but in recent years more and more educators and scholars concerned this education, also made some research results. In 2004, the ministry of education takes media literacy education into an important issue in the field of philosophy and social sciences. Through the way of questionnaire conduct research and analysis of our college students’ media literacy education, and explore media literacy educational experience abroad. We are on the basis of absorbing the foreign advanced training path, and embark from the actual situation in our country. And from the government, media, schools and the students themselves and many-faceted to explore the training mode of college students’ media literacy education in our country and realize the organic integration of multiple dimensions. This work for the new media vision of college students’ media literacy education provides the data support and theoretical support.
Keywords/Search Tags:ideological and political education, college student’s moral education, new media media, literacy education, guiding countermeasure
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