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Research On Literacy Culture Of Junior Middle School Students

Posted on:2015-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208330431473958Subject:The modern education technology
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If a generation of young children’s growth and newspapers, TV together, then, contemporary children is to grow together and computer, network and mobile phone. Explore new media interactive information, search and other functions have become part of the lives of children, affect their learning, life and thinking way. Mobile phone as a product of advanced technology, is a new tool for the dissemination of information, its itself is neither good nor bad, but when the mobile phone is associated with human activities, will produce two positive and negative value judgment, mobile phone as a "double-edged sword" role in the dissemination of information. Junior high school students is a kind of consumer groups of mobile phone, mobile phone media literacy training for junior high school students is the characteristics of junior high school students’ correct understanding of mobile phone and mobile phone functions, critically treat communication content, use mobile phone to accelerate their own development.Through the mobile phone function analysis, emphasizes the necessity and significance of mobile phone media literacy, with physical and mental characteristics of junior middle school students as a starting point, to explore the strategies of cultivating junior students mobile phone media literacy. The literature related to media literacy education at home and abroad to study, found beyond protectionism and the cultural feedback as the representative of the cultural transmission theory about in line with contemporary media literacy education practice. The author adopts the method of questionnaire survey to understand the situation of media literacy of junior middle school students in mobile phone, to go beyond protectionism and the nurture of culture as the theoretical guidance to develop mobile phone media literacy of junior high school students, using the action research method for the concrete teaching practice, analysis and Reflection on practice effect.Research shows that, with beyond protectionism and the cultural feedback as the representative of the cultural transmission theory to guide students mobile phone media literacy training is feasible and effective. These two theories can promote the junior high school students a comprehensive understanding of mobile phone, improve the ability of critical reading, enhance the mobile phone media literacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Beyond protectionism, Mobile phone media literacy, Media literacy, Media literacy education
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