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Of College Students In The New Media Environment Media Literacy Education Research

Posted on:2012-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the rapid development of mass communication technology, the influence to the audience is growing. The diversity, entertaining, interaction and virtual of the Internet attract the undergraduates, which influences their behavior profoundly. Students accounted for more than one-third in the proportion of Internet users, and most of them are the college students. Hardware facilities, perfect network construction and other objective factors in the universities also influence the undergraduates' dependence to the new media. Facing numerous and complicated information, the undergraduates need improve their media literacy. Through media literacy education to help undergraduates improve their ability of understanding media, selecting media and using media.Based on the comprehensive survey data, this paper analyzes the problems which exist in undergraduates' media literacy and the situation of media literacy education. And puts forward to the philosophy adjusting of the traditional media and new media, finally form the cooperative strategies which need the government, the media and the universities construct simultaneously. This paper is to give advice for positive development between the undergraduates group and mass media.
Keywords/Search Tags:New media, Undergraduate, Media literacy, Media literacy education
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