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The Method Research Of People's Daily Online Political News Report In The Era Of Media Convergence The Research Sample Is Based Upon The News Report Of 18th And 19th National Congress Of China

Posted on:2019-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330548952180Subject:Journalism and communication
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Media convergence,as a general term for a large ecosystem change,is from the implementation of the gradual progress,including interactive promotion,cloning,competition,content sharing,integration several stages.In this context,the "convergence media" came into being.From 2015 to 2016,across the country and local newspaper groups,all kinds of drastic changes have been made to the integrated environment,and the ecology of the media industry has changed dramatically.New media is constantly deconstructing the communication and discourse patterns of traditional political news reports.People have gained more voice over the Internet,and there is less and less market for the way of communication.Represented by central mainstream media to maintain public opinion guiding force,change unceasingly in the current politics news discourse system,both content and form,from the news and release process of production of product shape to the audience as the center,to seek new way of news report.People's Daily online as an extension of the party newspaper media convergence era,inherit the fine traditions of specialization of party newspaper reports,and carrying the inherent gene,the Internet has developed into a spread the party's theory and route guidelines and policies of new channels and new positions.With the help of new technology and new technology,People's Daily use innovative communication methods and means to stand up in the media convergence and development of the tide.The party congress is a political event that attracts worldwide attention.It is the representative of the political news and the important moment to test the color of the mainstream media.During the 19 major,the author participated in the People's Daily online news work,found that compared to the eighteenth big,in the big people make full use of weibo,micro letter,during the video,using the graphic expression,H5,anime,package,new technologies,such as news,VR live data,create a batch of spontaneous forward let users,the spread of the independent media "explosive" news products.In this paper,the author tries to think about the changes and causes of the way of news reporting in the context of financial media.And then,to People's Daily online news reports of19 big with 18 as the research object,from the news value,the form of reports,news production of three dimensions,through text analysis and on-the-spot investigation,discussesthe development of journalism.Finally,based on the above research results,the enlightenment and reflection of the change of the news reporting mode of People's Daily network in the media environment is put forward.Through the above research,it is found that the improvement of the mode of political news reporting in the context of the media is conducive to the better holding of the public opinion position in the mainstream media.Compared with the 18 th national congress of the People's Republic of China,the People's Daily online has made a breakthrough in the way of news reporting.In news value level,people grasp the opinion on the basis of the limitation of the spell prominence to focus,strengthen the communication effect,in the permutation and combination,title,language,images,finely crafted on collocation,achieve visual beauty,politically qualified double standards.A breakthrough in the report form level,People's Daily online from a user perspective of product design,the content structure is clear,easy to read and easy to understand,tailored interaction function,populist intimate,in combination,through the creation of a multimedia forms of financial media news products speak good story at the grass-roots level,to enhance the influence of the current politics news reports,affinity and appeal.Inside the news production level,the editorial team planning and orderly,all configuration constantly fusion,linkage local channel,reporting to the video broadcast tilt,enhance consciousness of news production front,content,interviews,such as technology,scene joint.Therefore,it is necessary to cultivate more political literacy and competent all-media talent team with new technology and new application innovation to spread new ways.However,at present,the media organizations have problems such as lack of full media talent and unreasonable distribution structure.Therefore,it is necessary to activate the stock talents,and the media organizations need to mobilize the enthusiasm,initiative and creativity of the staff through the rational interest mechanism.
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