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The Stylistic Study Of Convergence Journalism Driven By Technology

Posted on:2021-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an applied style,news is influenced by history,culture,economy,science and technology.At present,driven by artificial intelligence,AR,VR,5G and other media technologies,"Data news","microblog news","news game","AR","H5" and a large number of integrated news products appear frequently,which have already broken the traditional news presentation form and content production mode.This article takes stylistics as the theoretical basis and takes the Xinhua News Agency's National "Two Sessions" report(2014-2019)as a research sample.Based on the content analysis and text analysis research methods,study the stylistic features of convergence journalism in terms of language style,structure and expression,to explore the characteristics of the convergence journalism's style changes driven by technology,and to predict the future trend of the convergence journalism's style changes.The study found that with the application of new media technologies,the integration of news presents multi-modal and intelligent texts,interactive and narrative news narration,and disseminates immersive style features.The specific expression is the colloquial and fashionable language style,showing the blending of new and old media languages;the change of news narrative structure from non-linear narrative to diamond-shaped narrative;the mode of communication from the internal all-media communication matrix,internal and external linkage communication to "immersive communication" Evolution.In addition,the study also found that there are some shortcomings in Xinhua News Agency's "two sessions" integrated news reports.
Keywords/Search Tags:convergence journalism, news style, Xinhua News Agency, the two sessions
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