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Study Of The Flora Of Wild Seed Plants And Vegetatio In The Middle Tianshan Mountains Of Xinjiang

Posted on:2014-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2250330422958171Subject:Physical geography
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The related research in this study of Xinjiang Tianshan wild seed plants floracomposition, properties, plant resources, rare wild species, endemic to Xinjiang, vegetationtypes and distribution regularity and characteristics, in order to provide relevant andreliable scientific basis for the regional plant protection and ecological environment andbiodiversity protection, establishment of regional survey plant resources, the main resultsare as follows:(1)Species of wild seed plants is relatively poor, but the plant diversity is relativelyrich. There are1567species of vascular plant which belong to453genera and81familiesin Middle Tianshan Mountains of Xinjiang, which9species,3genera,3families inangiosperm,1558species,450genera,78families in angiosperm which occupies98.26%of wild seed of plant in absolutely advantageous.(2) Whether it is from families or a genus, flora in this area has a typical temperateproperties, including the level of the section level, temperate-type belongs to33families,In a grade level, there is a temperate distribution pattern of the378genera, is the totalnumber of95.69%. At the same time, some plant species are the most Interflows betweenin this area and the Mediterranean, Central Asia, West Asia, little communication with EastAsia. And the interflows with the East Asian flora is the lowest.(3) The diversity of vegetation is relatively rich. There are divided into3levels,8vegetation types,17vegetation subtypes,38formations.(4) the rare species relatively more, there are " Chinese plant red data book of rare andendangered plants "3families,3genera,3species (including varieties, subspecies);" theinternational trade in endangered species treaty " CITES appendix I, appendix Ⅱ,Appendix III (2007) there are1families,8genera,10species (including varieties,subspecies) at the same time as the national key protected plants," key wild plantsprotection in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (the first batch)"(2007) a total of14families and14genera and39species, of which the Xinjiang Uygur AutonomousRegion to protect I, II level were8families9genera and13species,7families and10genera and11species (including1families and1genera) in the Tianshan Mountains;there are total12families and27genera endemic plant in Xinjiang38.(5) The plant resources is relatively richer,which is13types of plant resources and932species,which is belonging to80families and336genera and include edible plant resources(164), medicinal plant resources (788species), wood plant resources (16species), fibreplant resources (57species), dye plant resources (86species species), tanning plants resources (49species), ornamental plant resources (113species), poisonous plant resources(131species), oil plant resources (83species), aromatic plant resources (75species), plantraw materials plant resources (56species), forage plants resources (354species),nectariferous plant resources (176species).
Keywords/Search Tags:Middle Tianshan Mountains of Xinjiang, Wild seed plant, Flora, Geographicalelements, Vegetation type, Plant resource
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