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1. Studies On The Nitrogen Fixation And Structure Of Legume-rhzibium Symbioty Grown On The Loess Plateaus, Shaanxi And Gansu
2. Evolutionary Biology Of Some Important Plant Taxa And Their Paleoenvironments From The Mid-Miocene Of Shanwang, Shandong Province, China
3. Classification, Phytogeography And Conservation Of The Pteridophytes From Hainan Island
4. Pliocene Wood Flora From Yuanmou Of Yunnan And Taigu Of Shanxi, China
5. Reproductive Biology And Flora Morphogenesis Of Rosa Persica
6. The Characteristics And Ecological Restoration Machanism Of Vegetation In The Ecotone Between The Bedrock Area And Loess Area At West Shanxi Province
7. Characteristics And Functions Of Vegetation On Down-reach Floodplain Of Yellow River In He' Nan
8. The Taxonomic Study Of The Genus Malus Mill.
9. The Floristic Study Of Higher Plant From Hebei Mountain
10. Cretaceous Palynological Flora In Hailar Basin
11. Early Corboniferous Flora From The Taizihe River Valley Of Eastern Liaoning And Its Paleoecolagical Study
12. Plant Community Diversity In Bao Tianman National Reserve, Henan Province
13. Studies On Plant Diversity And Conservation Of Tongbiguan Nature Reserve In Yunnan Province
14. Studies On Plant Diversity In Mountain Areas In Beijing
15. A Study On The Vegetation Ecology Of Subalpine Timberline Ecotone
16. Systematic Studies On The Tribe Polygoneae Of China
17. Polypores Resources And Flora In Qinling Mountains
18. Studies On Taxonomy And Flora Of Powdery Mildews (Erysiphaceae) In Inner Mongolia, China
19. Studies On Taxonomy Of The Genus Seriphidium In China
20. The Flora Of Mangrove Forest Of Hainan Island And Salt-tolerant Biology Of Mangrove Plants
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