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Resear On The Brand Construction Of China Network Television (Cnt V)

Posted on:2014-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ChenFull Text:PDF
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With the rapid development of information technology and video technology, Chinese network television developed fast. As a agency of integrated network video broadcast and platform of the interaction, Network Television is responsible for the spread of domestic and international politics, economy, culture and mission of cultural dissemination. And another important function is guide the public opinions. However, there are some construction and operation problems for Network Television. In paper, the concept of brand is introduced to discuss how to improve efficiency of network television. Finally network television is a characteristic platform mixing network features and television features through establishing a good brand image.this paper is based on the study of Chinese network televisions, focusing on the status of China Network Television (CNTV), researching contents and other statistical methods to detect the potential problems in the construction of network television. Based on brand building theories and actual network television website, think and research in deep for China Network Television.This paper used case analysis, combined with the experience of the CNTV brand building. From the recommendations of the four aspects of the brand personality of network television:the Web site run ability, a virtual community and network PR system construction offering new perspectives for the development of Chinese network television and positive recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network television, CNTV, Brand, Build
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