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Research On The Brand Building Strategy Of Foshan Television Station

Posted on:2017-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330536951353Subject:Business Administration
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In recent years, Chinese TV stations at all levels are faced with problems and challenges including their adherence to outdated practices, rigid mechanisms,repetition of the same type of TV shows and competition between old and new media.Therefore, they are struggling to survive.Prefecture-level TV stations, due to their special features such as limited coverage and discordant needs of their audience and clients, are confronted with even more difficulties.Moreover, it's proved that brand building is of great significance to all levels of TV media and successful stations in this regard such as CCTV, Phoenix TV and Hunan TV exert a positive effect on prefecture-level TV stations in their way to survive the severe situation and better develop themselves through brand building.This thesis studies FSTV by starting with the analysis of its problems about brand building, exploring its strategy in this regard and focusing on its feasible practices in using new media to integrate marketing resources in the New Media Age.The main body of this thesis is composed of six parts. The first part introduces the backgrounds, objectives, significance and methods of the research and the logical relations among different parts. The second part is the literature review, in which basic concepts mentioned in the article and findings in related literature are summarized and shown. The third part is the case description of FSTV and introduction to its development history, course of brand building, brand image and problems of brand building. The case analysis in the fourth part shows the status quo of China's prefecture-level TV stations as well as the target audience and competition of FSTV.The fifth part comes up with basic suggestions on FSTV's brand positioning as well as the marketing and communication strategy employed to build a powerful brand image. The sixth part arrives at the conclusion and enlightenment of the thesis. The author believes that the customer-based brand equity(CBBE) theory systematically guides the building of a powerful brand image and FSTV can make efforts to build such brand image from six respects with the help of new media in integrating marketing resources for TV media.
Keywords/Search Tags:prefecture-level TV stations, brand equity, brand positioning, brand image, new media
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