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The Research Of Hunan Television Army's Brand Strategy

Posted on:2006-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The reason of Hunan Television Army's successes is its brand strategy. From starting at brand building, brand shaping to brand changing, Hunan Television Army has innovated three times and gone through five strategies for more than 10 years. They are brand extending, brand orientation intensifying, brand overcastting, brand uniting and brand combination. Nowadays, the brand strategy of Hunan Television Army has being in the brand inaugurating and maintenance. How to continue the life-span of its brand is the very problem. However, the brand of Hunan Television Army has its disadvantage. Seeing forward, Hunan Television Army hasn't become a integrate brand system. The point of TV brand is the association of ideas when seeing the "Hunan Television Army" brand. But there isn't such a brand in Hunan, either a brand project on it. "Hunan Television Army" is just a non-type of brand project. Facing with foreign media which are financed by large capital, Hunan TV should build a big brand system around "Hunan Television Army" and form a Hunan TV manufacturer to found a modern factory's branding system.In all, the development of Hunan Television Army fits the way of marketing managements of business. So it is reasonable to use the brand conceptions of business marketing to research Hunan TV industry. What...
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