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Comparison Analysis Of China Network Television Station(CNTV)’s IDC Thermostatic Cold Source Program

Posted on:2013-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D L ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371979544Subject:Industrial Engineering
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Sponsored by CCTV, China Central Television, CNTV is one of the largestcomprehensive Internet media on the Internet. As a national web-based TV broadcasterofficially launched on December28,2009, China Network Television (CNTV) providesusers with a One Cloud, globalized, multilingual and multi-terminal public webcast serviceplatform. Under this strategy, CNTV is going to establish the source-central-IDC in Beijing.Due to the demands of the business and actual situation of the national level media, we haveto consider the security, applicability, reliability, economy, and environmental effect factorswhen we planning the design of the construction of the source-central-IDC.This studies is mainly around CNTV Beijing center data source center room (IDC)temperature control system on the construction project. After demand investigation andanalysis, and combined with the experience and data center from years of operation andmaintenance experience, According to construction standard of international and domesticenterprise data, in the planning of the project plan stage, though the temperature controlsystem construction scheme selection and analysis. As a foundation, this studies is based onthe comprehensive evaluation theory, using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to establishevaluation index model, to choose the temperature control system of cold source, andprovide project decision for scientific theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:CNTV, Temperature Control, Cold source, Selection Analysis
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