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Based On The Method Of Excess Earnings Of More Cycle Shanxi Brand Evaluation Study Of Radio,Film And Television

Posted on:2017-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the convening of the eighteen,the traditional media industry is entering a transition period,the broadcasting industry itself is growing in the planned economy,but in today's open society,the Internet into the impact of development of the broadcasting industry.The television industry through technical transformation for telecommunication network,computer network and cable television network able to complete the multimedia communication service,integrated,broadcasting industry not only the value of enterprise's assets,more important is the technology brought by the reform of enterprise image is the enterprise brand,the enterprise is competitive,but also the need for enterprise brand value assessment.This paper firstly analyses the domestic and foreign various popular brand value evaluation methods,and then analyzes the characteristics of the television brand,in a variety of methods on the basis of the characteristics of the radio and television industry brand new multi period excess revenue method.This paper is divided into five parts.The first part of the paper summarizes the research work;second part of the formation and development of the brand theory,understand the famous scholars on the definition of brand,and the famous brand value evaluation methods were summarized,summed up;the third part,firstly puts forward to apply to the broadcasting industry brand value of the brand characteristics of TV broadcasting on radio and television and the key points of assessment The evaluation method,and introduces the principle and process of evaluation methods;the fourth part of the multi period abnormal return method applied to the actual evaluation on Shaanxi radio and television,with multi period abnormal return method to get the future cash flow brought by the brand equity,brand strength,using AHP and fuzzy comprehensive questionnaire analysis,the brand strength of enterprises,will be the future cash flow of brand and brand strength into the assessment model,finally obtains the Shaanxi TV brand value,and the evaluation results were analyzed and put forward suggestions on the radio and television networks to enhance brand value;the fifth part is a research on the whole The process concludes,and then analyzes the shortcomings of the multi period excess return method,as well as the future development of the brand evaluation industry in the future to make the prospect.This study for the brand value of the radio and television industry,hoping to help the entire media industry brand value assessment research,but also to help Shaanxi radio and television network to better development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Brand, Brand equity, Brand value evaluation methods
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