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Tc Drugstore Chain In Sichuan Province The Design And Implementation Of Supply Chain Management System

Posted on:2013-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395974420Subject:Software engineering
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With the improvement of people’s living standards in our country, people put more and more emphasis on health, as a special commodity, drugs have a direct impact on the people’s health and vital interests, so people’s demand for drugs is growing, the quality of medicines have become increasingly demanding. On the other hand, with the integration of the global economy, the pharmaceutical market is facing more intense competition. The involvement of foreign capital, the introduction of a range of health care reform measures, quick batch mode, and cheap pharmacy drugs price cuts, non-prescription drugs separate management and so unprecedented strain on the field of pharmaceutical distribution and prescription drugs, how to strengthen management, improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve their core competitiveness of enterprises have become an urgent need to address the problem.The system based on the question of drugs circulation link much and physical distribution efficiency low, carries on optimized restructuring to the existing supply chain, using ASP.NET, C#and Web Service technology based on Internet and Intranet network. we develop drugstore supply chain management system by MS Sql Server2000database management system and Visual Studio.NET development kits, have developed including the drugstore headquarters, the branch store and the supplier three sub-system supply chain management system:The headquarters main function has the system administration, the purchase management, the stock management and the report analysis; The branch store main function has the sales management and the report analysis; The supplier main function has the information modify and the report analysis.As for the implementation of the program, first of all, this article did the demand investigation and analysis for the drugstore chain supply chain management, and then build a business process diagrams based on the abstract functional modules made by business process analysis work, and this article made the overall system design, including overall system deployment and system development environment and runtime platform, then came to the system design. This article abstract to the detailed functional and gives the functional block diagram of each subsystem, and design the final design of the database of the entire system and database table, stored procedure design. In addition, the article also describes the realization of the system and key technologies and principles of the system based on Web Service, fully embodies the advantages of the technology.System realization key and difficulty is that:Three-Layered Services Application and Object-Oriented technology application, in order to achieve the best extendibility and the flexibility.
Keywords/Search Tags:Drugstore supply chain, Management information system, Supply chain, Three-layered services application
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