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Deployment Analysis Of BFCEC Supply Chain Platform

Posted on:2010-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under circumstance with increasingly sharp competition, only throughmarket-oriented cooperation, information sharing and quick reactions can anenterprise be successful. As a kind of most influential operation style and a keyfactor of enhancing the ability of the enterprise and even the whole industry to win incompetition, the Supply-chain Management (SCM) is paid more and more greatattention by the theorists and the managers of the enterprises. Supply chain management involves a wide range of knowledge.Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to BFCEC) is Beiqi Futian Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Fukuda car)'s first joint-venture company, is China's largest engine manufacturing company, with annual production capacity of up to 40 million vehicles. At present, enterprises in key business, the following problems:1) The artificial interference in the procurement plan at the preparation and distribution of2) The purchase order process management is not closed3) procurement management, vendor management, third-party logistics management are still in rough Management4) social control of resources is insufficient5) The procurement and reduce costs to increase the difficultyBFCEC want to win the products in the low-cost, high-quality, morning city, aspects of competitive advantage, when all the neighboring businesses so connected, it is necessary to form their own as the center of the supply chain (Supply Chain) to resolve.This paper around BFCEC supplier relationship management system project build process,Describes the rise of supply chain management theory, international research status and future development trends;Clear the supply chain and supply-chain management theory.And a brief introduction of the Integrated Supply Chain Management Thought.Analysis of supply chain management system to build the model, the steps and methods.Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Then, through the Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., collaborative management in the supply chain to achieve key business analysis:Purchase Order business processMaterial Purchase Order process is mainly to guide the implementation of the engine direct materials procurement activities. (1) is generated to determine the procurement of materials requirements planning; (2) from the MRP generation procurement plan orders; (3) approval of the plan purchase orders, generate purchase requisitions (4) Check all parts purchase requisitions are suppliers and prices; (5) issued material purchase application form, from the QAD to the SRM system interface reached SRM system; (6), the leadership of the approval process purchase orders; (7) the system automatically orders for management approval of the consent of the display to the appropriate suppliers; (8) providers in 24 hours to determine whether to meet the orders, then the end of the main flow; (9) If the Materials Planner does not accept the QAD system purchase application form, then submit a plan parameters of the application form for approval by the project manager whether it agreed to amend the . If the project manager agreed to revise, then the material planner re-run the MRP, and then complete the implementation of direct materials purchase orders; if the project manager does not agree, then the process ended.Freight FlowDirect procurement process used to guide the suppliers receiving delivery receipt and warehouse management activities.(1) suppliers through purchase orders delivery note is generated Reservation. (2) Material Planner confirm the delivery note of the reservation, and generate delivery notes. (3) The supplier delivery note printing, printing carton labels, the carry has been printing the completed delivery note and outer box labels to deliver. (4) The delivery note information through the SRM and the QAD system interface transmitted QAD System. (5) warehouse management personnel receiving by bar code. (6) receiving a single through the QAD and the SRM system interface reached SRM System.Three simple matching process payables:(1) suppliers through SRM Web site to confirm the receipt information. (2) In the SRM Web site print orders, delivery notes, as well as, and orders, delivery notes match the invoice mailed to Fukuda Cummins payables accounting. (3) Accounts payable Accounts received orders, delivery notes and invoices, the right to match three, if the three single-line, then enter accounts payable invoices for maintenance, if the three single-inconsistent, then returned to the supplier invoice, re - according to delivery notes, orders issued by the correct invoice. (4) accounting for payment of accounts payable operations. (5) The payment information through the QAD and SRM system interface reached SRM System. (6) vendor check payment informationAccording to the definition of system functions critical business processes: Orders Purchasing Management: Order synchronization, order release (withdrawn), order confirmation (refusal).Freight Management: appointment delivery note generation and management, delivery notes to confirm reservation (withdrawn), delivery notes submitted and printing, delivery notes synchronization, receiving a single query.Invoice Management: Billing application, invoice registration, invoice confirmation (back), payment queriesSystem implementation using J2EE framework, the use of BPM + ESB technology to construct the foundation platform, and platform-based single sign-on integration, electronic signature, electronic document library and other middleware to achieve the business functional blocks.Reflect the supply-chain management problems encountered in construction, solutions and experience:1) Supply chain management requires a unified basis for the planning of the construction process information, such as enterprise-based platform for human resource management, business platform, ERP system, financial systems, manufacturing execution systems such as phased implementation.2) Supply chain management is built on the multi-service, multi-system based on the number of application integration technology, structure, and suitable for a framework for SOA implementation, to build enterprise data bus, integrating middleware, through the workflow ideas to plan.3) supply chain management planning needs to supply chain management and related theories of guidance and support of scientific methodology in order to correct for the enterprise design process and business model.4) The integration of multiple systems to share information based on the overall supply chain management business logic created by imperfect and technical standards are not uniform.5) The Integrated Supply Chain non-uniform application of standards for suppliers to bring the operation of implementation.The final adoption of BFCEC Supplier Relationship Management System project embodied in the application process, explaining the integrated supply chain is supply chain management dynamic alliance inevitable trend of development.
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