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Research On Supply Chain Management System

Posted on:2003-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360092981920Subject:Systems analysis and integration
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Supply chain is a network which is formed during the course of production and circulation with the function of providing merchandise or service to ultimate consumers and jointing upstream with downstream to create value. Supply chain management is a mobile management on merchandise, information and capital in a network consisting of suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. This management is drawing a universal attention in modern society. The market competition in the new century is not between enterprises but between the supply chains. No enterprises are able to obtain the initiative in the competition without joining the supply chain. This perception has been accepted extensively in both academic and business circle. This dissertation therefore will introduce the theory of the supply chain management and show this author's research work.In the first place, this author is to explain the engendering, development and importance of the supply chain management, its fundamental theory and to provide strategies in managing supply chain after consideration into present situations of the enterprises in China. In the second, this author is to introduce fuzzy information granulation which is based on coarse measurement, by utilizing whose superiority in the formation of human cognition, establish a fuzzy evaluation system in enterprises so as to form a supply chain and select their partners. Thirdly, this author is to introduce an important measure in managing supply chain called outsourcing and consequently treat of third-part logistics which is applied to fulfill outsourcing. With systematic analysis, this author is also to make a focal study on the vehicle routing in a supply chain and suggest a dynamic model together with a simple, practical arithmetic. Then this author is to treat of supply chain automatic management system by probing into some important strategies and making a system simulation according to its operation process. In the end of this dissertation, a summary will be made and present work will be suggested.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain management, supply chain partnership, fuzzy information granulation, fuzzy evaluation, outsourcing, third-part logistics, vehicle routing problem, supply chain automatic management system.
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