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The Analysis Of TV Drama Network Broadcast Mechanism Based On The Comparative Study Angle

Posted on:2013-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395972617Subject:Radio and Television Arts
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In recent years, as the rapid development of Internet video technology and the of Internet users scale, Network broadcast mechanism of TV drama has become an important part of the business. In2011, the network copyright of TV drama has come to an intensified competition.Vertical video website,gateway website and emerging network television as the big3of the video pattern is in an intense "play for race." With the development of TV drama network broadcast mechanism as a phenomenon, it has gradually aroused attention.This study is based on the empirical point of view of the TV drama of this webcast broadcast on the form and context of the characteristics of, covered by the law as well as TV drama webcasting broadcasting platform to broadcast the form of presentation of broadcast content, the target populationaspects of audience behavior, marketing model, the TV drama of webcasting from the audience targeted to the content and form between the elements of each other with mutual influence and ultimately the formation of a stable broadcast principle.Reveal the mechanism of TV drama webcasting process, select a more representative the CNTV television and Sohu high-definition television for the analysis of the object. In the empirical study the CNTV drama and Sohu high-definition TV shows, both of the process, form, content, layout, positioning and comparison of their own and traditional drama broadcast mechanism to discuss the specific form of the two webcasting mechanism as well as mutual similarities and differences between so as to come to further understand the mechanism webcasting, evaluation and reflection.The research found that broadcast TV audience changed as the Internet network platform, but ages are consistent as the whole Internet users, present a younger trend. Based on the specific audience, there are significant differences between the net resources and traditional TV audience. In the fierce competition environment, exclusive copyright marketing become a development tendency. There are still insufficient sides in the form and content of Nets broadcast platform, this state shows that its development potential is still huge.
Keywords/Search Tags:TV drama, Network broadcast mechanism, CNTV, Sohu hd
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