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A Study On Emergency Performance And Mechanism Construction Of CNTV In Public Outbursts

Posted on:2017-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present, with the development of network and digital technology, the pattern of public opinion and media ecology is also undergoing significant changes. New media occupy people's lives and become life's most important channel for access to information. New media has changed the way of life, but also changed the mode of transmission, the original spread to television, radio and other traditional media as the center to disseminate information through the top-down agenda setting, and Internet-based new media through audience this spread no center, forming an impact on society as a whole a common topic, so these topics and issues with a high degree of uncertainty. Thus, in the new media environment, public emergencies not only consider the media coverage of professionalism, but also a test of media social responsibility. West admitted that the disaster created media, a direct reflection of newsworthy public emergencies has. As online media- kind of new media forms the stage of history, play an active role in reporting public emergencies in.Phenomenon of media convergence, we are not unfamiliar, cooperation and competition in broadcasting and telecommunications, the plight of traditional media, the rise of electronic magazines, the rise of grass-roots cultural broadcasting and telecommunications, etc., are the laws of media convergence bit behind the presentation. It is in the trend of media convergence, the traditional media to intensify the search for a combination with the pace of the Internet, network television will be in the trend of media convergence emerged. Network television as radio and television organizations set up by the new media broadcast business forms, reports in public emergencies, on the one hand has a mass of traditional broadcast radio and television media agency quality content resources, on the other hand, also have new many advantages of communication media, a combination of both, traditional media in public emergencies provides information to quantify the sea, personalized, timeliness, interactivity advantage of. In the future, this will be an important channel and the development trend of traditional media transformation reform. Therefore, this paper studies the traditional media outlet to explore and develop as a starting point for public emergencies reported as research, analysis of network television with Public events and performance mechanisms for responding to disasters with a view to reform traditional media and new media lessons in news reports, provide recommendations to guide public opinion.This article summarizes the current situation of C hina Network Television(CNTV) and classification and characteristics of public emergencies, through CNTV performance in public emergencies in the summary of the network television exhibited in public emergencies quickly and accurately, comprehensive coverage as well as social responsibility; comparing CNTV, BRTN and HBTV in "Eastern Star" capsized in the accident story. Final conclusion: in public emergencies in the performance reflects an important step in network television as the traditional media to new media in transition, the use of time-sensitive, spread wide, effective interaction, integration of resources and other advantages of better play network televis ion the advantages, to achieve transparency in information disclosure, the right to control public opinion guidance, better take on the mainstream media in emergencies dissemination of social responsibility, to provide reference for the traditional media to new media in the process of transformation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network television, Emergency, Strategy, Mechanism construction
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