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Research On Content Production And Communication Mechanism Of Chinese Network Drama

Posted on:2014-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Combined with network and TV, Network drama is the art form similar to the TV plays, but closer to people’s real life than it. It changes people’s viewing habits, breaking through the framework of traditional media in content acquisition, information consumption, entertainment and so on. In this paper, I specially study on the following areas, its evolution process, future development mode, significance of production and the network evolution brought by it, in order to probe into the deep reason of its rapid development and other changes.From the perspective of communication, network drama is an expression of opinion, and its production and communication is restricted by the social environment. Policies, social background, cultural values and network environment play a great role in the network drama. In the age of internet, everyone is a disseminator, as well as the recipient. By transferring same or similar meanings, different people get together and form their own circle where they interact and communicate. Interaction and communication are in favor of individual’s cultural value and finally lead to the development of social culture.Nowadays, as an important means of information transmission, network play needs us to re-examine it. This paper as well helps our understanding of the communication mechanism, and provides reference and consideration of its content generation and dissemination of network drama.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network drama, Media context, Content production, Interpretation of audience
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