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The Research And Development Strategy Of Network Television In China For Sohu An Example

Posted on:2016-09-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2308330464957318Subject:Radio and Television Arts
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Since the emergence of network television appeared to be a trend which cannot be halted state, now it is not a new word, especially in China, the population determines the number of network television has more and more users in here, and the personal computer and mobile phone to the receiving end of the ratio is not broken up, which has become a classic case of network television China’s most representative in the communication status, both in the aspects of communication content, communication mode, industry chain, has begun to take shape and influence, reflects the whole network TV industry development present situation and the forward direction.Network television is also called IPTV, it will be the TV, the personal computer and handheld devices as the display terminal, through the set-top box or computer access broadband network, digital TV, time shifted TV, interactive TV services, network television appearance brought a new TV viewing method, it has changed the past passive TV viewing mode, realizes the television to the network as a convenient way to watch, with the foundation with stop.You can see the television network as a new media, which is becoming more and more attention. The mass content, personalized program menu, customized program content, network TV to achieve the communication of ideas researchers on traditional tv. The characteristics of the complexity of the network environment and the virtual network to TV produced many unique propagation phenomenon in communication, for the actual development of traditional TV media has been unable to adapt to network television; common features of communication network TV with all network communication: interactive, effectiveness, large capacity, individuation., but it internal relations with traditional TV and it has many unique characteristics of propagation. So the research of network communication must also be re to network television perspective to consider, a guide to the actual development of network television significance.
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