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Research On The Spreading Of "Little Drama Actor" Series Drama

Posted on:2020-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330578961009Subject:Journalism and Communication
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The film and television drama culture is an important part of the socialist culture with Chinese characteristics.It is an important medium for spreading Chinese traditional culture and showing the development and changes of contemporary Chinese society.Since the new century,China's film and television drama industry has developed rapidly.It has made great contributions to the promotion of Chinese culture and the promotion of China's modern culture.However,some works have shallow content,focus on entertainment and lack of depth,and it is urgent to innovate in the creation of film and television dramas."Little drama actor" series drama is a brand program launched by the Hunan TV drama channel in recent years.It has passed on the excellent culture of Chinese classics through its flexible interpretation of classic film and television works,and has been widely recognized and loved by the audience.The unexpected popularity of "Little drama actor" series drama has become a special phenomenon of film and television culture communication,which is worthy of research and reflection from the academic circles and the industry.In the content of the "Little drama actor" series drama,through the remake of Chinese classical classics and "Red Classics",the second generation of Chinese traditional culture inheritance,highlighting certain social significance and value in the theme;through the "small" characters The direct collision with the "big" plot,the "miniature" of the classic film and television drama works,the re-setting of the actor's role,reflecting the new interpretation of the series of dramas on the classic film and television drama,while awakening the nostalgic feelings of the audience.In terms of communication strategy,the "Little drama actor" series drama uses a "two-pronged approach" to combine traditional opinion leaders,agenda setting strategies and "Internet +" models.Through opinion leaders to create a good publicity and reputation,enhance the popularity of the audience through the arrangement of the agenda,use the network-linked model to expand the propaganda,multi-channel publicity,broaden the marketing path,and present an all-dimensional three-dimensional Promotion mode.From the effect of communication,the series of "Little drama actor" series drama grasps the dual needs of the audience for entertainment and culture.On the one hand,in the choice of actors,the selection of children to starred,to cater to the "adult childification" psychology,to bring the physical and emotional feelings of the audience,to entertain the public;on the other hand,in the choice of film and television text,the series Selecting the film and television works that the audience likes and has high influence will meet the mainstream value of the society and conform to the feelings of the public to recall the classics,so that the audience has a good visual experience during the viewing process.However,in order to satisfy the audience's psychology,the "Little drama actor" series drama also has the problem of catering to the needs of the masses and pursues entertainment.As a result,it is impossible to profoundly reflect the real meaning;there is also a lack of certain creativity and other defects in the content expression.Therefore,the series of "Little drama actor" series drama should grasp the balance between hunting psychology and humanistic connotation.The creators should enhance literary accomplishment,create better literary and artistic works,shoulder the mission of spreading excellent culture,and strengthen the localization of film and television drama creation.Features and originality,but also should use the new media platform to establish a long-term interactive mechanism with the audience,in order to open up the film and television culture market.
Keywords/Search Tags:"Little drama actor" series drama, classic remake, film and television drama, cultural communication, audience psychology
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