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Research On The Social Eedia Communication Mechanism Of Network Drama

Posted on:2020-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330572984253Subject:Journalism and communication
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2014 is known as the first year of Internet homemaking.From 2015 to 2018,the online drama has entered the blowout period,and the content of online students has gradually developed into the mainstream part of video content,which has also opened up a new market for the film and television industry.In recent years,network drama has shown some new characteristics,breaking the traditional low-cost small-scale production mode,getting the guidance of large data,and building a comprehensive industrial chain of hardware integration.This kind of development and change depends on the continuous progress of Internet technology and the support of social media communication.At the same time,online drama is constantly exploring new communication concepts and marketing strategies,gradually establishing a professional process in line with its own development,which has strong practical significance and operability.From the perspective of communication,this paper analyses the interaction mechanism of various communication elements in the process of social media communication,probes into three typical modes of communication,and tries to construct a general communication model of social media in the field of online drama,and studies the guidance and interaction of online drama in the process of social media communication by referring to a large number of communication theories of social media.And trust mechanisms.Combining with practice,through the analysis of popular online drama in 2018,this paper takes "Story of Yanxi Palace",which has no star effect and no IP support,but suddenly becomes the king of the drama in 2018,as an example for empirical analysis,deconstructs the various communication links of the drama,verifies the communication mechanism sorted out in the previous article,and finally,based on the development status and characteristics of social media communication in the field of online drama,from the content of online drama transmission,and the characteristics of online drama,the channel,ecology and other aspects of the proposed reflection and solutions.Firstly,in the introduction of the first part,the author combs the research background,research significance,theoretical status quo,research methods and innovative points of the paper.Chapter 2:Exploration of the social media communication mechanism of online drama,the author not only summarizes the rise,development and status quo of social media communication of online drama,but also,more importantly,based on the "5W" model,analyses the social situation of online drama.This paper constructs a general model of social media communication of online drama,and summarizes three typical modes and mechanisms of social media communication of online drama.The third part is the empirical analysis of the social media dissemination mechanism of network drama.This chapter is the focus of this paper.The author takes the popular TV series "Story of Yanxi Palace" as a case study,divides the social dissemination of the drama into the leading stage,the hot stage and the consolidation stage.By sorting out the performance of social media communication of different stages of drama,the author verifies the communication mechanism summarized in the previous article.In the study of communication effects,the author uses the results of the questionnaire to analyze the demographic characteristics,media contact,cognitive and emotional status of the audience of the play.The results show that the promotion of social media communication mainly stays in the cognitive stage of the audience.The fourth part is the reflection and suggestions on the social media dissemination of online drama.After all the previous analysis,the author believes that the best means of dissemination are only the icing on the cake,and only the content that affects the attitude and behavior of the audience.In view of the above considerations,the author finally puts forward suggestions on the social media dissemination of network drama,encourages the creation of professional creative talent team,avoids excessive commercialization and entertainment tendency in the process of creation,increases the originality and depth of content.With the support and supervision of relevant departments,the policy of giving equal attention to both support and management will ultimately achieve the goal of creating a healthy market and competitive environment for the long-term effective development of online drama and providing a broader platform for its development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network drama, Social media, Communication mechanism
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