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The Research, Based On The Sap R / 3 Petrochemical E-commerce Logistics And Supply Chain Coordination And Management System

Posted on:2012-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With modern technology, the rapid development of information science, world economic integration and the increasing integration of global competition, the formation of an increasingly competitive market, expanding the scope for competition, the modern market-based competition has gradually evolved into the global supply chain and supply chain competition. E-commerce has become an indispensable platform for development, the traditional supply chain logistics is gradually transformed into modern information technology-based business e-commerce logistics supply chain. In e-commerce environment, the rapid development of modern information technology, product design and production life cycle drastically reduced, and the increasingly diversified customer demand, rapid technology changes in the market shocks and changes in speed, the greatly increased uncertainty, will require that the logistics supply chain management have to make major changes to meet the competition. Have a profound understanding of the modern major companies to reduce the cost of logistics supply chain management is only a secondary goal, more central and critical to improve customer service levels to meet the changing needs of diverse clients in order to remain competitive, and to achieve this The key objective is to coordinate the logistics supply chain e-commerce operation. Only the coordinated operation of e-commerce logistics supply chain can promptly meet the changing needs of diverse customers, has continued to improve throughout the supply chain's core competitiveness.Therefore, the study coordination and management of e-business supply chain to achieve a reasonable application of technology to business e-commerce, use of supply chain coordination and management to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises has important theoretical and practical significance. In this thesis, the enterprise e-commerce logistics supply chain for the study, mainly based on theory ERP, SAP, e-commerce, supply chain management theory and technology, from both theoretical and practical point of view, the characteristics of the supply chain for e-commerce, on the different types of coordination of e-commerce and supply chain strategies and technology to achieve a certain degree of depth. And during the operation of e-commerce supply chain problems were to be answered, so this paper only to a certain extent, enriched the theory of supply chain, but also has strong practical significance. The main contents of this paper is as follows:The first part describes the e-supply chain coordination and management of the basic theory, the concept of e-commerce, e-commerce model, ERP system based on a detailed analysis, while the concept of the supply chain, supply chain model, supply chain management connotation system analysis.The second part of the e-commerce environment through the new developments in the supply chain and e-commerce supply chain management under the new characteristics of the analysis, and through e-commerce supply chain compared with the traditional supply chain, e-commerce supply chain has proposed a higher flexible, able to provide customers with better service. In addition, the paper also analyzes the e-commerce and supply chain coordination and management of the relationship, and from the ERP system integration and e-commerce for the specific level, coordination of supply chain management, e-commerce content in details.The third part to the specific conditions of the oil in a branch as the background, the first e-commerce supply chain to the existing problems in a careful analysis, followed by the e-supply chain coordination system of the factors affecting the integration of an in-depth analysis, re-established e-commerce supply chain coordination model of system integration and data exchange model, Finally, supply chain coordination of e-commerce systems integration business process solutions, and operate separately from the integration of procurement and supplier management integration of the two directions in detail Discussion.The fourth part is the e-business logistics based on SAP R/3 Supply Chain Management System in depth study. To the specific conditions of the oil in a branch for the background, first of all the logistics supply chain coordination of e-commerce system, business process reengineering, and then detail and meticulous research, completed the e-Supply Chain Logistics Management Model System achieved.
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