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Application Of Blockchain Technology In Software Supply Chain Management ——Taking The Software Supply Chain Business Of T Company As An Example

Posted on:2022-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2518306764987439Subject:Information and Post Economy
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Increased competition in the field of science and technology between China and the United States has led the United States to issue an Entity List that restricts the use of US technology and software by relevant Chinese units and prohibits the purchase of components and equipment based on US software or technology development.With the rising demand for localization of software products as a substitute,the software supply chain has been highly valued.With the localization of the software supply chain,the requirements for high efficiency,coordination,security and reliability are also increasing.Software is different from traditional supply chain management because of the particularity of its product form.As the complexity of collaboration increases,the management of software supply chain is increasingly challenged,which puts forward higher requirements for the management of software supply chain.Block chain technology provides a new choice for software supply chain management.The nontampering and traceability of block chain information provide certain security for the software supply chain.The encryption mechanism and consensus mechanism of the block chain provide a condition for creating trust in the software supply chain.With the development of block chain technology,more and more enterprises begin to use block chain-based systems to improve the collaboration efficiency between supply chains.This paper chooses T company,a representative software supply chain company in the industry,as a case,focusing on T company's software supply chain business,analyzing the problems in each link of software supply chain management,and proposing supply chain management solutions based on block chain technology for specific business links.This paper summarizes the business types of T company's software supply chain by analyzing the current situation of T company's software supply chain business,and classifies the main participants and their main needs in the software supply chain according to the business types.Subsequently,the needs of each participant are categorized,and the problems in demand management,procurement,delivery,operation and maintenance in the software supply chain are categorized.Next,a block chain-based data storage and sharing model(DSSM)for software supply chain is proposed,and it is used to improve the business process of demand management,procurement,delivery,operation and maintenance.The results show that the software supply chain management model based on block chain technology can solve the problems of information storage,information sharing and lack of trust mechanism,thus standardize the supplier management in the software supply chain,speed up the business settlement between upstream and downstream of the supply chain,parallelize the serial business processes through the smart contracts of the block chain,shorten the business time,and improve the security of the software supply chain through the block chain.The innovation of this paper is that the software supply chain management model of the whole process is built based on the block chain,and integrates smart contracts and digital RMB in the capital flow,which accelerates the flow of capital in the software supply chain.There are many deficiencies in this paper.If a software supply chain management system using block chain technology is developed based on this research,the paper will be more in-depth,but due to the length of the paper and the long time needed to develop the system,no such work has been done.In addition,the reliability of data chains can not be solved ahead of time.It can only be found when the software supply chain is operating,depending on the data flow between businesses.It will be more meaningful to solve the problem of "trusted data chains" if this problem can be solved before chaining.
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