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E-business Environment, Supply Chain Management Integration Platform And Its Key Technology Research

Posted on:2004-06-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:W L RenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360092970332Subject:Computer application technology
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In competitive,cooperative,and dynamic market environment,agile manufacturing is considered as the most competent enterprise operational mode in the 21-century. Supply chain management is regard as one of the most important enabling techniques of agile manufacturing. It can do centralized resources managing and scheduling among dynamic allied enterprises by resources sharing and information integrating to optimize the utilization of resources,and finally get a best profit for each enterprise in the supply chain. It is known that the supply chain management is based on the enterprise integration systems. The techniques about enterprise integrating systems are developed for many years,which include data or information integration,function integration,process integration and enterprise integration. So far to the beginning of the 21-century,the most achievements we got are in first two integrations. For process integration and enterprise integration,we merely get some theoretical results or some total resolutions that must have the enterprises throw their existed systems and legacy systems away. Scarcely have good solution to integrate existed information systems and do supply chain management,In the other hand,there are many integration techniques to integrate the enterprise applications in e-Commerce environment. But there are no more good solutions to use the suitable integration techniques to do supply chain management for the enterprises,too. The popularization of the Internet and the development of e-Commerce will promote the development of supply chain management and the development of integration technology. So,it has great significance to research on supply chain management techniques,to construct enterprise application integration platform that supports supply chain management.In this dissertation,we have reviewed the development and the actuality of modern management technology and the corresponding systems,such as ERP,CRM,SCM,and et al. at first. Then we discussed the e-Commerce technology and its impact on supply chain management,pointed out the necessity for studying the integration platform for supply chain management in e-Commerce environment.We present a suitable system framework of integration platform for supply chain management in e-Commerce environment. The kernel of integration platform is a coordination and decision center,which is the logical abstract of the core enterprise in supply chain. With this platform,most of enterprise information systems,such as ERP system,CRM system and et al. or legacy systems,can be easily integrated together by using the best-fitted enterprise integrated techniques and collaboratively worked for supply chain management. The integrated systems may be heterogenic,or may be located in other enterprises,but they will be all interconnected by networks or by e-Commerce environment.The coordination and decision center is composed of four components:supply chain planning,suppliers matching and selection,manufacturers matching and selection,customers matching and selection component. These components are used for core enterprise to negotiate with the businesspartners,to select the partners,to create and manage the supply chain. It can also optimize the supply chain to make great profits. All these works may be supervised and coordinated by the process management control module.A partner evaluation and selection model has been proposed in this dissertation,which is based on genetic algorithm and fuzzy reasoning. This model is the basis for designing the four components of the coordination center. The main principle of the model is to use fuzzy reasoning models and the genetic algorithms to generate an optimal set of parameters for the partners and its attribution. They make the model be capable of self-adaptive and accurate. The design and implementation techniques of the model are also described in the paper.The enterprise application integration techniques we used in the dissertation are CORBA and XML technique. In the integration platform,we use CO...
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain, integration platform for supply chain management, ERF, CRM, e-Commerce, coordination and decision center, enterprise application integration, EAI, software component, CORBA, XML, data pump, workflow, management process control
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