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Transformation Of Traditional Newspaper Industry In The Era Of Media Convergence

Posted on:2021-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Media convergence has profoundly changed original media environment.Traditional newspapers face serious challenges such as declining circulation,declining advertising revenue,loss of readers,multi channels of information acquisition.Of course,it also brings opportunities.The ability of traditional newspapers to discover,collect;and create information,and the special characteristics of newspapers which make them have more abundant resources such as government and society,make traditional newspapers have natural advantages such as professional information and authoritative views.Due to factors such as technical upgrading,audience demands,competition for profits,policy control,and international competition,the transformation of traditional newspapers under the background of media convergence is promoted.There are some obstacles in the transformation process such as the shackles of the existing mechanism system,the difficulty of market positioning,and the fact that the profit model is not clear and mature.Therefore,the transformation of traditional newspapers is based on the"5W" model of Laswell.From the four modules of organization convergence,content convergence,channel convergence and audience convergence,we explore the transformation paths and analyze the convergence effect module at the same time.
Keywords/Search Tags:media convergence, transformation of traditional newspapers, organization convergence, content convergence, channel convergence, cudience convergence, convergence effect
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