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Network Management And Network Performance Measurement Techniques Applied Research

Posted on:2007-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360182470974Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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The information age is based on the computer network. It is important to assure the high effective function of the network system and the quick and dependable information transmission. The paper discusses the techniques of network management, a key issue in a great new era of information. In this trend, it becomes highly necessary to get a decent knowledge of the basic conception, function model, the development of network management, key techniques of network management and the typical constitution. With the fast development of the internet techniques and the network operation, the requirement of the network resource goes up quickly, therefore the network go into more and more complexity. The continuously increasing network users and network applications make for the heaviness burden of network and the running of network equipment in fully, resulting in the network capability fall into a decline. Therefore, the better demands for the pick-up and analysis of the network capability guideline, and the improved network capability are brought forward. Therefore the performance measurement of the network becomes necessary. The main purposes of performance measurement are to detect the bottleneck of the network, optimize the network deployment, to discover the potential risks, to get more effective performance management, to provide the validation and control of the service quality in network, and thus to validate, compare and measure the service providers.This paper starts with the introduction to fundamentals and basic conceptions in network management, based on a thorough analysis of NMP and network system, addresses on the study of network management. With a case study of the performance measurement of the network by professional measuring equipment, the paper further analyses the transmission performance of the MSTP Ethernet network. In closing the paper discusses in examples the capability and deployment in network management.
Keywords/Search Tags:network management, performance management, performance analysis, performance optimization
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