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Convergence Journalism:The Change Of News Production Mode In All-media Age

Posted on:2017-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2348330512450056Subject:Press and Communication
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With the rapid development of the Internet and the extensive use of digital technology,the different propagation media towards integration.The new media industry is undergoing consolidation and restructuring,both forms of media,communication channels and receive mode information are changing.As an innovative way of information generation and communication concept,"All-media" concept are summarized by media practitioners."All-media" from the content,channels,technology,marketing and other aspects is re-integrating of the dissemination of ideas to achieve a comprehensive integration.With the All-media age,the integration of new and old media also makes the audiences' demand for more three-dimensional and more personalizednews information.It forced a change in the mode of news production,also changing the information collection,production,dissemination and operation of process to promote the news production process changing.Convergence Journalism emerged.Based on the background of All-media,combined with the News report of the Xinhua News Agency,the transformation of news production mode of convergence journalism is discussed in this paper.In the operation of the concept,focusing on the overall thinking of the overall situation to build an open,shared and orderly collection for different resources.In terms of content presentation,convergence journalism will integrate all kinds of multimedia materials by the way to gather parts into a whole.And added a variety of interactive ways to enhance the user stickiness.In the aspect of cooperation mode,convergence journalism breakes the closure of the news production and collaborationthrough the improvement of the mechanism and the change of the role of the media workers.The author goes deep into the problem of the change of news production mode,using literature research,case analysis,comparative study noted to analysis the value and significance of convergence journalism.Also put forward its existing three major problems,such as multimedia material of improper integration,editing reporters's"Almighty" transformation,the dissemination of news and information monopoly.Meanwhile,the author also analysises the future development of the integration of news in our country.The purpose of this paper was to investigate how to complete news production with the operation way of thinking and cooperative mode in the background of All-media age.Thus presented to the audience more solid,more comprehensive news and information,meeting the demand of information to the user.By discussing news production mode of convergence journalism,in order to further improve the problems of news production and provide experience and realize the development of media in our country.
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