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Research About Innovation Forms Of News Production In The Background Of Media Convergence

Posted on:2013-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of digital technology and network technology, peoplerequire higher timeliness of the information and more ways to get information.Media convergence has become an irreversible trend of the times. From the nationalcultural strategy to the college journalism laboratory, research and practice of MediaConvergence has come to play an important role both in the academia and theindustry.News occupies an important position in the Media Convergence as for all kinds of information disseminations. The production and dissemination of News are closely linked with the Media Convergence. Today’s media have entered the situation that new media represented by network and mobile phone issubstantially enjoying a leading position, with the traditional media such asTV catching up and integrating. News set a variety of features in one, such as reading, audio-visual, links and interactive , and then asked the news personneltraining must also embark on the road of integration and all media., developingthe comprehensive news talents with skills of comprehensive, knowledge of the composite. This thesis is focused on the integration of the status quo of network media, mobile media, television media and convergent personnel training, researching the new forms, new systems, the new models of News production from the vertical dimension. Limited due to material, innovative models of the print media and the broadcast media temporarily do not do research.The full text of a total is over 40,000 words, and can be divided into thefollowing three aspects: preface, text, and conclusion.The preface explains the purpose, significance of the topic, methods, status quo and the research innovation. The text can be divided into four sections:The first part started from the background of Media convergence, presentinga systematic introduction of the close relationship of the Media convergence andnews production, the three basic forms of Media convergence. It raises the problemsof news production should be solved in the background of the Media convergence.The second part started from the ferocious momentum of new media news recently. It analyzed the extended status of the network news and mobile phone news and the modes of production and transmission. The modes includes such as news sites, Blogs, Podcasts, mobile news, mobile TV, instant messaging, as well as the Micro-blogging which has sprung up everywhere during the last two years. This part also described the characteristics and propagation effectsof the network news and mobile news which is different from traditional media news.The third part focused on the analysis of the innovation moves to response the media convergence to the television media for example. It is the combination of television with digital and network technology that gave birth to digitalTV, IPTV, etc. Qilu TV, for example, the television media also made the paceof innovation in the development and use of the new system .At the same time,the television media enhance their co-operation. By inter-regional cooperation,they greatly improve the timeliness and utilization of news reports.Part IV, on the basis of previous, put forward the view that the news personnel training must go to the road of "all media", to meet the needs of the market. Personnel training consists two parts, one is to expand the capacity of serving journalists, and the other is the restructuring curriculum and the improvement of the experimental platform in the university. The news talents in the Media convergence era are the complex talents who can interview, edit, shoot, record, communicate etc.In the part of conclusion, the author pointed out that in the context of the media convergence, news production under the guidance of the network media and mobile media is engaged in fierce competition and deeper integration. It reflec ted in the content, technology, terminals, etc. News should set reading, audio-visual, links and interaction for one, letting the information accepting is closer tothe people’s audio-visual habits and reading habits. The traditional media representative by television media and personnel training must embark on the road of integration and all media. Various media should set the network as the axis, base on their respective advantage, expand multi-media news production and dock with other media, from their own camp gradually connected to the exchange of production and dissemination of new network of media.
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