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China's Mobile Media And The Construction Of The Public Discourse Space

Posted on:2011-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In technical sociological theory, there is an inseparable interactive relationship between general society and technology. The development and application of technology are the result of the interaction of social forces such as government, enterprises, public, etc. By politic, economic, culture and other social factors, technology is affecting social change in common with many social forces. The research of the media technology and its affection to the social in communication study, can be started with the perspective of mass media dynamics perspective:the mass media technology, institution characteristics and application forms as internal mass media dynamics in common with politics, economics, culture and other social factors as exterior mass media dynamics drive the mass media influence social change.Cell phone was just an invention as communications equipment at first. With the development of mobile communication technology, the improvement of people's living standard as well as the cell phone's price drops, cell phone's role in people's daily life is not only a kind of communication equipment, but also an information transmission medium exists in human society, has already become the fifth media after newspaper, radio, television and network due to cell phone can convey rich and diverse information. In 2009, the commercial beginning of 3G cell phone network spawned a blowout netizens growth. By the end of December,2009, China has 750 million cell phone users and 233 million mobile internet users. This figure is growing fast. The combination of cell phone and network enriches and strengthens mobile media's content and media characters.From the mass media dynamics perspective, this paper will use a variety of research methods such as document analysis, case study, content analysis, depth interviews to study mobile media's internal mass media technology, institution characteristics and application forms, exterior politics, economics, culture and other social factors as well as these dynamics drive the mobile media construct the public discourse space. The first chapter expounds the research object, purpose, significance as well as domestic and overseas research status and development trend; the second chapter analyzes the mobile media's media technology, institution characteristics and application forms; the third chapter expounds the Game between government and the public; the forth chapter analyzes mobile media use situation under the influence of the economic and cultural conditions; the fifth chapter respectively analyzes SMS, mobile internet, micro-blog and their opinion expression way in constructing the public discourse space; in the final, summarizes the analysis of various dynamics before, and gives further suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile media, Media analysis, Dynamics of mass media, Public discourse space
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