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Research On The Construction Of Media Marketing Discourse From The Perspective Of Media Space

Posted on:2018-11-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The discourse of media marketing is the practice of the“spatial turn”of the development of media in the change of social behavior and activities.Space is the product of the development of media technology,Itexists the continuation of the relationship between the reality of space,and become a virtual space which can produce realistic influence,and close to the reality of space after a height development.In the media space,two interacting forces between spatial media and media spatialization promote the expansion of media space,the function of space is excavated by technology,function and effect of space is also gradually get to play with the media technology.At the height of the simulation reality,virtual existence of media space gradually Shift the focus of social activities to the media space,thus,media space and realistic space became a space of human activity set,to achieve the construction of human activities and social relations.The article based on the media space perspective to discuss the construction of media marketing discourse,combined with the perspective of the media space and realistic space,Explore the influence of media space on marketing discourse and realistic marketing behavior,and then examine the media space for marketing language changes and the resulting the marketing language reconstruction system was studied,and summarized the transformation of media language from the change of discourse structure to the meaning system to construct their subjectivity,sort out the break and deconstruction,bring by the original system of discourse expression and transmission,which comes the functional communication,and then,analysis the formation of guidance mechanism from the scale of structural changes to the discourse and symbolic communication mechanism change to guide the formation mechanism of discourse of ideology,and to understand the direction and development rules of discourse mechanism in space under the influence of media.Then,place it in the mediaevolved environment,observe the change and function of marketing communication behavior and realistic marketing activities,showing the expression in line with the user of the main idea of discourse,to highlight the importanceof the change for the media marketing discourse and the significance of adaptive development of media marketing.This article attempts through the above analysis,inferred a more realistic judgment of the change,development and the formation of a new system in this media change era.So that,provides a valuable reference for the correlation studies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Space turning, Media space, Media marketing, Discourse reconstruction
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