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The hegemonic influence of corporate media on universities' convergence journalism instructional programs

Posted on:2008-04-25Degree:Ph.DType:Dissertation
University:North Dakota State UniversityCandidate:Gilmour, Deneen AnnFull Text:PDF
Convergence journalism is a growing trend in American media. Because convergence journalism is new, teaching practices are evolving. Reporting for multiple media involves learning how to integrate video, sound, Web navigation, interactivity, editing, and writing; and how to create stories for print, online, and broadcast. Applying Habermas' theory of The Public Sphere and Deetz' theory of Corporate Colonization of the Lifeworld to the teaching of media convergence, I posit that corporate colonization of American society subtly shapes textbook content and, subsequently, material presented to students. The critical-cultural rhetorical analysis examines convergence journalism teaching, particularly the implications of textbook content, and thus convergence journalism practices, on the public sphere and American democracy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Convergence journalism, Media, American, Corporate
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