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On Media Convergence-the Development Road Of TV In Internet Times

Posted on:2008-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Media Convergence is a relative fresh phenomenon in fields of public communication and journalism. As a trend of development on future public communication industry, Media Convergence will multiply carriers of news and information and make the optimal configuration of scarce media resources, by converging or making use of mono-proprietorship or mixed-proprietorship tv and internet and newspaper office and broadcasting media. Affected by scale and scope economy, The convergent form and the repackage content of media will offer audience more information. So, the aim of keeping ahead of rival, gaining payoffs, and offering high quality news will be achieved. Ultimately, Media Convergence will keep predominance on media competition in digital age.Convergence of network and television media has been analyzed completely in this paper, by taking several new communicated modes, such as network television, media blog, program live BBS, cell-phone television for examples, which studied not only the deep transformation from mass-communication to relationship-communication caused by convergence of network and television media, but also further form self-organization theory of Convergence of network and television media. It is concluded that television would be mobile and interactive at any will, anywhere, anytime, in the future.The changes of television media content, communication mode, objective audience population, information consumption, media frameworks, management mode, payoff mode, with converging of network and television media, have been discussed. And some relevant reformed measures have been proposed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Media Convergence, Television Medium, Network Media, Network Television, Mobile Phone Television
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