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Research And Design Of A Secure Electronic Voting System

Posted on:2007-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360242961609Subject:Systems Engineering
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Voting is a behavior that often takes place in democratic society. The traditional craft voting can't meet the present voting demand because of its weakness. With the development of network and cryptography technologies, the electronic voting arises at the historic moment. Based on cryptography, electronic voting uses computer and network technology to realize the functions of voting. Electronic voting has the advantage of high efficiency, convenience and flexibility, can be applied to many field. It has broad outlook of application.In order to make the electronic voting be carried out securely and reliably, a secure electronic voting protocol must be designed. Chaum designed the first electronic voting protocol in 1981. Since then many scholars have designed different protocols that are adapted to different situation. However, these protocols have some defaults. They are not applied very well.In order to realize the electronic voting system applied in actual life, this paper has studied FOO protocol which is designed in 1992 by Fujioka, Okamoto and Ohta , carried detailed analysis on FOO and found several shortages in FOO, then referring to the advantage of traditional voting, presented several strategies and methods to improve the protocol. Based on these facts, a new protocol is designed by this paper. The new protocol reduces the power of voting centre and imports a new sub-center called supervisor in order to make the mechanism of new protocol more close to that of actual life, improve the efficiency of voting greatly, and make voting more flexible and convenient. The new protocol also reduced the possibility of that the centers practice fraud of voting. This new protocol explores the methods to solve FOO's problems, is expected to be suitable for elections. Based on this new protocol, this paper designs a secure electronic voting system, introduces the systematic structures and modules'function of the system, and realizes the key parts of the system using Visual C++ 6.0 in Windows platform.In the end, the research work in this paper is summarized and the development and further work for the secure electronic voting system is discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:electronic voting, FOO protocol, blind signature, RSA
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