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The Research And Application On The Electronic Voting Protocol

Posted on:2007-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K B ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182986581Subject:Computer application technology
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Electronic Voting is gradually replacing to the traditional votings. Howerver, Electronic Voting System still has many problems to study and resolve, the key problem is how to design a security Electronic Voting Protocol.At present, many experts and scholars are engaged in the research of Electronic Voting Protocol. FOO is representative of their achievements, and some Electronic Voting Systems based on it, such as the EVOX system in MIT and Sensus system in Washington University, have already been put into use. However, since these systems rely too much on the Validation of election administration organizations, there exist certain security loopholes, mainly because of the excessive power enjoyed by the administration organizations.This dissertation introduces the principle of digital signature and the project to carry out, studies basic principle and its processes of the FOO, and as to its security carried on the analysis, the place that point out its weakness. In view of the weakness in the FOO, this dissertation puts forward a new type of Electronic Voting Protocol based on "Threshold Blind Multi-Signature" technique, which applies ElGamal computation to the schemes of encrypt, decrypt and digital signature. It makes use of characteristics with (t,n) threshold blind multi-signature to solve the problem of valider' power. At the vote register, we need to have t visa officials's signatures to integrate a legal signature, and all Private keys of the visa officials keep secret, so as to avolid the visa officials' fraud and cut down the power of the valider. The protocol can not only meet the security demands of Electronic Voting, but also solve such problems as "Voter Quit in the midway", "Vote Collision" and "Bribery in Election" satisfactorily.
Keywords/Search Tags:Digital Signature, Electronic Voting, Threshold Blind Multi-Signature, Security
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