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Keyword [electronic voting]
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1. Non-interactive Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing And Its Application
2. Research And Design Of Electronic Voting Protocol Via Internet
3. A Secure And Practical Electronic Voting Scheme Of Large General Elections
4. The Model Design And Implementation For Electronic Voting System
5. The Designing And Realization Of Electronic Voting System And Its Identity Authentication And Voting Protocol
6. Wireless Download Electronic Voting System
7. Research On The Digital Signature And It's Application In Electronic Voting
8. Research On Blind Signature Schemes And Their Applications
9. Cryptography Algorithms In Secure Electronic Voting
10. Study On Electronic Voting Protocols
11. The Research And Application On The Electronic Voting Protocol
12. Research On Blind Signature Schemes And Their Applications
13. Research On Proxy Signature Schemes
14. Research On Receipt-Free Secure Electronic Voting Protocol
15. Research Of Secure Multi-Party Computation
16. Study On Ring Signature Scheme And Its Application In Electronic Voting
17. Study On Electronic Voting Protocols Based On Anonymous Communication Channel
18. Design And Implementation Of Electronic Voting System Via Internet
19. Research And Application Of Blind Signature
20. Research And Design Of A Secure Electronic Voting System
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