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Study And Application Of CRM Based On The B/S Pattern

Posted on:2005-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2168360122470928Subject:Computer application technology
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With the development of information technology and the rapid progress of internet-economy, the conventional commercial mode is changing radically. In many trades, more homogeneous are the products and service provided by diverse enterprise; more candescent is the competition among them, and at the same time the expectation of customers is being higher for quantity value and individuality. So the loyalty of customers is a significant factor and the foundation of enterprises' predominance. The appearance of CRM based on the Data Warehouse technology became a key to the situation. Technical development in current Internet, lifted with management to beg higher to the development of the business enterprise. Because the software based on B/S framework is flexible, easy to operate, to deploy and maintain cost little, it has got fast popularization and has been applied to each field of national economy extensively.In this paper, how to study and apply of system of CRM based on the B/S pattern are discussed, the following is the contents of the paper:1) To introduces the concept, Management principle, framework, and operation area of CRM (Customer Relationship Management); and then discusses the Data Warehouse technology applied to CRM;2) To discuss the key technique knowledge of the application on system of CRM based on the B/S pattern. First, analyze the advantage of the develop way based on the B/S pattern. Then explain those key technologies needed to develop CRM based on the B/S, which included the technology of system interface, of system safety and of the design of net framework. And explain the technology of web service is a good way to solution the system interface in the Internet. There are two ways of web safety and database safety are to be involved in the system safety, which are to be discussed in this paper.3) To discuss Microsoft .NET, a develop plat applied to develop soft system based on the B/S pattern, is to be discussed in the paper, which aboutthe framework in the Microsoft .NET, and the technology of ASP.NET and ADO .NET. And analyze the general step and way to establish the distribute business enterprise solution in the .NET.4) According to the application of CRM system based on B/S pattern in the Guizhou Yibai medicine limited company, to explain the press of how to set up a CRM system based on B/S pattern, which include to understand the customer require with, analyzing the business process, establishing the solution, install system frame and realize the system.5) At last, this paper put forward the extensive foreground of the system of CRM based on the B/S pattern with the expanding of the web technology and explain that there are some questions are to be resolve stilly in this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Customer Relationship Management (CRM), B/S pattern, Microsoft .NET
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