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Research In Customer Relationship Management System To Large Customer Of Commercial Banks

Posted on:2015-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In China, with the gradual establishment of market economic system and thedeepening reform of the financial system, commercial banks have gradually formed acustomer centered marketing concept. The past traditional monopoly advantage andthe situation has gradually been broken, operation and marketing business has becomean inevitable trend. Commercial bank marketing as a whole marketing activitycoordinate bank programmer, and play a decisive role in the procedure that ourcountry commercial bank gradually commercialized operation and marketcompetition currently.Recently in order to adapt to the modern development of the market demand,commercial banks gradually establish the customer marketing business as one of thecore business of a bank. However, large customer demand is not consist of only loanbusiness, as well as in need of more diversified, personalized, level of financialservice, and the competition of the financial counterparts on the large customermarket is becoming increasingly fierce. Marketing mode and strategy of CommercialBank of traditional marketing mode of client manager is difficult to effectively playthe role, and it is difficult for them to obtain quicker and more accurately informationabout the customer and market, so it is very difficult to make the reliable andscientific customer marketing scheme. Therefore, to achieve the bank large customermarketing mode and scientific is imperative. Thus quality service is imminent, such asCommercial banks how to create business point of growth, grasp the valuablecustomer resources, provide more benefit for the customer, let the bank can flexibly toprovide scientific.Through the establishment of corporate customer relationship managementsystem mode, the article shows these things, such as the decentralized customerinformation centralized processing, scientific classification, the implementation of aunified data and customer marketing management system, establishment of customerinformation evaluation mechanism, then it achieves the marketing scheme designconcepts, and grasps with customer information bank, and provides financial servicescientifically and reasonably for enterprise customers, and establish long-termbusiness relations, and enhance the customer profit contribution, and providereference for selection factors which is the core of commercial bank marketingprocess, and effectively implement marketing programs, and offer reference and establish dynamic enterprise customer evaluation mechanism. Based on our analysis,based on the case of public credit customer under this model, the paper illustrates thefeasibility of the model, and put forward the importance of establishing the feedbackmechanism. Also achieve a solid foundation for the customer relationshipmanagement system.
Keywords/Search Tags:corporate customer, customer relationship management system, dynamicenterprise customer evaluation, feedback mechanism
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