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Studies On Photoelectric Sensor System Based On Surface Plasmon Resonance

Posted on:2008-01-31Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1118360272466797Subject:Optical Engineering
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The technology of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) can be widely applied in biochemical analytical, optical passive device, new material and drug screening. According to The SPR sensor has the much advantage of label-free detection, real-time monitoring, high-sensitivity, non-destructive, non-purified, and without background interference. The SPR sensor can be used in detection the refractive index and the surface image of sample, the application experiment are studied in this work.Firstly, we discuss the character of metal. Metal is the important part of SPR sensor. The surface of metal has Surface Plasmon Wave (SPW). We study the wave function of SPW according to the Maxwell equation and draw a conclusion that the light wave in vacuum can not excite the SPR. We analyze the theory of attenuated total reflection (ATR) and find the coupling method to excite the SPR and introduce the coupling type of the SPR sensor.Secondly, according to the Krestchmann coupling method, we study how to choice the parameters of the SPR sensor's parts and obtain the SPR sensor's detection performance choice different parameters. The accuracy detection of the Surface Plasmon Microscopy (SPM) based on intensity detection and the Surface Plasmon Interference Microscopy (SPIM) are studied.Thirdly, the index of the SPR sensor's parts in different wavelength of incidence light and in different environmental temperature is studied. We obtain the fitting formula according to analyses the experimental data. The fitting formula gives guidance in theory for the following experiment.After finished the SPR theoretical analysis, we introduce the experimental system of the SPR sensor from hardware and software. The virtual instrument has been applied. We use the Labview software to analyze the experimental data. The experiment's framework has been introduced. The preparatory work for the SPR system's hardware has been finished before the experiment.In connection with the SPR sensor can be used to detect the refractive index of sample. The human blood serum and the distilled water that has some impurity is the experimental sample, we find the plenty of shortcomings and improve the SPR sensor. Through the experimental data analysis, we find the detection performance of the improved SPR sensor has been upgraded. The SPR sensor also can be used to detect the surface image of sample. We give the principle how to choice the light source wavelength. We obtain the sample surface image using SPM and SPIM detecting system. Analyzing the experimental data, we have found SPIM can reduce the SPR system error and have higher spatial resolution than SPM.The lastly, on the basis of the enlightenment and much problem form the experiment. Combining the technology of nanopore and SPR, we have proposed a new SPR system to detect single biology molecule. Shake will bring system error. In order to eliminate the error, we put forward the method of renovation in the SPIM system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), Resonance angle, Minimum reflectivity, Interference, Virtual instrument
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