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Measurement System For Surface Plasmon Resonance Image Based On LabVIEW

Posted on:2009-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Based on the disappearance of the surface plasma resonance (reduction in mind for the SPR) is a physical optical phenomena, the metal-dielectric medium changes in the refractive index is very sensitive, high-precision dielectric detect small changes in the refractive index. This principle was developed into SPR sensor biochemical which is reactions powerful testing tools. SPR currently sensing the direction of development is to achieve high-throughput microanalysis. SPRI high-throughput microanalysis is an important means of detection, and it can produce a variety of real-time detection of molecular interaction information.This paper based on the the importance of detection of biological SPRI, set of SPRI automatic detection system which based on LabVIEW. Coupling of biological chips, used Kretschmann devices, and use the double-prism adaptive optical design prism. Achieved a rotating platform in the course of light source and CCD camera are fixed, automatic control Rotating platform; achieve automatic collection image and image processing, and the whole process is auto-detection. The results show that, SPRI detection technology can collected relevant information on the chip, This system achieve the automatic detection, and the process of automated equipment for SPRI detection technology for the development of a thinking and methods.
Keywords/Search Tags:Surface plasmon resonance imaging, virtual instrument, VISION
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