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Two-dimension Scanning Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing System

Posted on:2010-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the last century 80's,the Surface Plasmon Resonance technology has been used in the field of sensor research,it becomes a researching hot spot of the field of international sensor. From current situation of research,SPR sensing technology has wide potential applications in many fields of Biology,Medicine,Chemistry,Pharmacy,Environmental Monitoring,Food safety and so on.Basing on the principle of Surface Plasmon Resonance,this paper designs a scanning system of fast automatic measuring two-dimensional matrix high-density samples array by using Virtual Instrument technology.First of all,I use Double-prism adaptive structure to design the SPR sensing components, construct the scanning stage for scanning and measuring by using exact Stepping Motor components,and Design a switching circuit of electronic controlling stage to control scanning stage.Meanwhile,in order to achieve the function of positioning zero-position,I fix some photosensitive devices on the scanning stage.Secondly,I design the samples in the form of two-dimensional matrix and fix them on the top of the scanning stage for two-dimensional scanning and Measuring.Thirdly,I use low-pass filter circuit in hardware and use the Butterworth low-pass filter in software to design the signal filter.This filter can effectively eliminate the high-frequency interference the caused by optical interference noise so that improving signal to noise ratio and optimizing the measurement results.Finally,In order to develop a beautiful manipulation interface with diversiform function, easy-to-understand operation manner,shorten development cycle improve measurement accuracy and function expansibility,this system adopts the way that Virtual Instrument combines high-precision stepper motor to control the measurement stage.Such way not only makes the measurement process easy,user-friendly and intelligent,but also enhances data processing and analysis capabilities.In practical applications,this system can automatically scan and measure for the high density two-dimensional samples array.It has the features of intelligent scanning process, highly-efficient measuring and accurate measurement results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Surface Plasmon Resonance, Virtual Instrument, zero-position positioning, automatically scan and measure
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