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Study On Characteristics Of Sensor Based On Surface Plasmon Resonance Excited By Prism Coupling

Posted on:2017-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330503482170Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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Since the phenomenon of surface plasmon resonance was discovered in 1902, it has attracted many interests and gained rapid development. There is a great upsurge in study of various technology based on surface plasmon resonance, with the breakthrough of micro-nano fabrication technology in recent 30 years. The sensor technology has received significant attention, because of its outstanding advantages such as high sensitivity,label-free, rapid detection, etc. It has obtain in-depth study and rapid development in many areas of medical engineering, food safety detection, environmental monitoring and so on.The main research content is as follows:Firstly, the basic theories of surface plasmon resonance and excitation conditions are studied. The characteristics of reflectance spectra are analyzed and derived through film theory. The modulation scheme and the performance of sensor are analyzed.Secondly, a detailed analysis for performance indicators of sensor based on prism-coupled surface plasmon resonance was performed, on condition of different light sources, prisms, metal films, etc. The work makes an important guidance on the design and application of sensor based on surface plasmon resonance.Then, a method of humidity detection based on surface plasmon resonance is proposed. Porous ceramic SiO2 is used as the humidity-sensitive material. The thickness of gold film is optimized. When the thickness of gold film is around 55 nm, the sensor has an ideally high resolution and sensitivity. A good linear relationship between resonance angle and refractive index was got.Finally, a novel biosensor consisting of Ge20Ga5Sb10S65-palladium-graphene layer-biomolecule layer, based on inverted surface plasmon resonance is proposed. The detection light wavelength extended from the visible region to the near infrared region.The results show that: The sensitivity, the resolution, the dynamic detection range and the signal to noise ratio of the designed sensor have great advantages.
Keywords/Search Tags:surface plasmon resonance, inverted surface plasmon resonance, reflective spectrum, sensing characteristics
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