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1. Research Of Measure Method And Key Technology For Spatial Absolute Radiance Calibration Primary Radiometer
2. Study On The Computer System For Agricultural Engineering Signal Processing
3. Research On Parameter Test Of ROIC For IRFPA And Staring Imaging Technology With Pyroelectric FPA Based On VI Technology
4. The Study On Virtual Instrument Design Method Based On Digital Signal Parallel Processing System
5. Feature Extraction And Fault Diagnosis Of Non-Stationary And Non-Gauss Mechanical Vibration Siganls
6. Research And Development Of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Biochemical Analysis Instrument
7. Study On A New Generation Of Virtual Instrument System Based On Intelligent Virtual Control
8. Study On The Core Technology Of Networked Virtual Instrument And Typical Case
9. Study On Networked Virtual Instrument And Application Of It In PDA
10. Study On Requirement-based Automatic Virtual Instrument Software Generation
11. Research On The Theory And Applications Of VR-based Testing
12. Research On Processing Electronics Key Technique Of The High Performance Staring Thermal Imaging System
13. Research On Test System-Oriented Virtual Instrument Design And Its Application
14. Investigation Of Distributed Parallel Experiment System And The Key Technique
15. The Study And Application Of The Tree-Ring Micro Density Based On The Virtual Instrument And Image Processing Technology
16. Fast Evaluation Freshness Of Freshwater Fish Based On Bioimpedance Characteristics And Electronic Nose
17. Studies On Photoelectric Sensor System Based On Surface Plasmon Resonance
18. Research On Rice Blast Detection Techniques Based On Multispectral Vision
19. Basic Research On The Key Technology Of Mechanic Part Image Tracking And Recognition
20. Research On Mechanisam And Detecting Instrument Of Train's Longitudinal Impulse
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