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Design And Develooment Of Phase-sensitive Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging Based Sensor

Posted on:2016-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330464954399Subject:Optical engineering
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Surface Plasmon Resonance has been extensively applied in clinical application, drug screening, biological detection with its merits of high sensitivity, label-free and real-time detection.Phase-sensitive SPR sensor has 10-7~10-8 RIU ultrahigh resolution and can be easily combined with SPR imaging and microfluidics technology. SPR imaging based sensor has also attracted more and more attention because of the advantage in high throughput in recent years.This thesis designs and initially implements a SPR sensor with high resolution and high throughput through the combination of phase-sensitive SPR sensor, SPR imaging and microfluidics technology. The cost of the sensor is minimized in order to break the situation that domestic researchers have to purchase expensive SPR instruments from abroad.This thesis consists of the following parts:1. Analysis of SPR principles and narration of the current commercial conditions of SPR in detail. The general situation of SPR imaging based sensor will be presented in chapter 1, followed with the specific exposition of external and internal commercial conditions of SPR instruments. Chapter 2 will start from the basic principles of SPR to deduce the condition under which SPR phenomenon can be excited, and introduce the relevant technologies of phase-sensitive SPR sensor。2. Presentation of a new method for optimized array SPR imaging based sensor system. Aimed at the problem that the images of traditional array SPR imaging based sensor system are always indistinct, we come up with a new design of imaging system to improve the imaging quality utilizing cylindrical lens beam expender system and oblique imaging lens. Through the numerical analysis and simulation, we apply the method in our optical platform and get distinct images.3. Design and initial implement of phase-sensitive SPR imaging base sensor. In thedesign of instruments, the integration is very important. The SPR sensor is consisted of optical system, temperature control system, microfluidic input system, machine control system and so on. We present the overall arrangement of those modules due to their relationship of cooperation, and have implemented each module to different extends. We mainly complete the design and set-up of optical system, design and process planning of microfluidic input system. In addition, we also complete the design and connect of temperature control system and preliminary programing based on injection pumps.4. Design and fabrication of microfluidic chip. We design a 7-layers integrated microfluidic chip which can resist damage and is more suitable in the application of instruments compared with other chips based completely on PDMS. Meantime, we utilize the microfluidics and lift-lithography technology to realize the flexible use of series-parallel connection of the 4 fluid channels. Moreover, this chip can be combined with Biacore sensor chips on sale.
Keywords/Search Tags:Surface Plasmon Resonance, Phase-sensitive Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor, Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging, Instrument design, Microfluidic chip
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