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Study On Science And Techology Monitoring Based On Literature

Posted on:2016-05-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1108330461989434Subject:Agricultural Information Management
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In the network information age, science and technology are developing rapidly, all kinds of information resources of science and technology, contains the literature, grow very fast, result in information overload, because of the complexity of massive information resource, it is very difficult for researchers to accurately grasp the structure and evolution of his field. Under this background, the science and technology is coming, through which we can sort out the development process of a research domain, understand the trend of its development, and track the research fronts and focus, all of these will help researchers to find innovative breakthrough, explore the potential space. At the same time, the science and technology monitoring is also an emerging field, its theoretical method, technical means and application practice also need to be developed and improved constantly. So, this paper use the science and technology monitoring based on literature as the object, carry out in-depth research from the aspects of method, technology, system tools and application mode, and make the following conclusions and results:(1)In the aspect of method of the science and technology monitoring based on literature, firstly, the theoretical basis, methodological basis, basic processes, application domain of bibliometrics method were described. Secondly, this paper studied the principle, main application directions, characteristics of the word frequency analysis, citation analysis, co-citation analysis, co-word analysis, emergency monitoring and social network analysis, it was further defined that the bibliometrics method has become basic status in the method system of science and technology monitoring.(2)In the aspect of techniques of the science and technology monitoring based on literature, from the study of the concept, origin, characteristics, types, drawing method and process of mapping knowledge domains, this paper draw a conclusion that the mapping knowledge domains also has "map" and "spectrum" dual nature and feature, it can be used in displaying the network, structure, cross, evolution and derivatives, and many other relationship between different knowledge units. It has rich type, diversity drawing method and standard drawing process, has become an important means to enhance the application efficiency and effect of bibliometrics method in the science and technology monitoring.(3)In the aspect of application system and tool of the science and technology monitoring based on literature, in order to master the characteristic function of application system and tool, as well as the main application directions in the domain of the science and technology monitoring, this paper studied the main function, application process and characteristics of some typical application system and tool, such as Cite Space, Hist Cite, VOSviewer, Ucinet, Bibexcel and so on, and made a comparative analysis from the data source, data processing, analysis function aspects.(4)Based on the above three aspects study, this paper presents an integrated mode of science and technology monitoring based on literature, which take English and Chinese scientific literature data as data source, it’s main analysis methods include literature external entity statistics, co-citation analysis, co-word analysis, social network analysis and so on, and with the help of some international mature application system and tool, it can help researchers to get the overall status, identify the classic literature, track the research fronts and focus, analyse the scientific collaboration networks of a specific research field. Finally, this paper take "co-citation analysis" research field as an example to carry out the empirical analysis of the mode, and draw a conclusion that the model has the characteristics of full-featured, integrated method and easy operation. So, it will provide useful reference for the related research and application practice of science and technology monitoring field in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:science and technology monitoring, bibliometrics, mapping knowledge domains
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