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The Research On Recognition Method Of The Disciplinary Themes Based On Mapping Knowledge Domains

Posted on:2017-04-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1108330485487327Subject:Agricultural Information Management
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The research on recognition method of the disciplinary themes based on mapping knowledge domains is using the theory of mapping knowledge domains, in-depth study the method of analyzing the discipline themes, recognizing knowledge structure and detecting research hot topic.In this paper, research work mainly includes the following four parts:(1)This research improved the existing theme recognition analysis process and summarized the existing theory and technology of theme recognition to lay a theoretical foundation for later study.(2)This research studied the method of building data set for subject analysis.It innovatively proposed a new method of constructing data set based on the journals’ relationship, including the research of the analysis model,the analysis process and the key technologies.(3)This research discussed the subject identification method.It improved the key technology of processing method, innovatively put forward a way of determing the threshold of high, medium and low frequency words based on the the relations among word frequency, word quantity and the cumulative frequency of words, and also a way of determing words set range for co-words analysis according to the actual distribution of different words set and different subject characteristics.Also innovatively put forward a way of tracing the core themes, general topic, developing trend of the emerging themes based on the core words, mutation words, new words, which integrate the use of the word frequency analysis, co-words analysis, clustering analysis and mapping knowledge domains to recognize the discipline development trend.(4)This research took the crop science as an example to test the feasibility of the methods proposed in this research.Through the theoretical analysis, methods research and empirical analysis, this paper verified the scientificity and efficiency of the method proposed in this study, expanded the theory and method of the theme recognition, provided a meaningful reference to the further study on building the data set of a subject and identifing the theme based on mapping knowledge domain.
Keywords/Search Tags:theme recognition of a diciplinary, mapping knowledge domains, data set construction, content words analysis, empirical analysis in crop science
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