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Bibliometrics Analysis On 《International Journal Of Science Education》 From2001to2010

Posted on:2013-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2218330374961568Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Bibliometrics is a discipline of basing on literature system and bibliometriccharacteristics as the research object, which uses measurement methods of the mathematics,statistics and so on, and researches the distribution structure,quantity relationship,variationrule and quantitative management of document information, and thus explore some of thestructures of science and technology, features and laws, which is in development and therising phase. Bibliometric analysis of professional journals is for nearly three decades years inChina, which effect is remarkable to using this method to study professional journals.At present, there are a variety of ways and various angles about situation of the study ofScience Education, which evaluation of the research result is more qualitative research. Thisarticle was chosen bibliometric methods to make evaluations: bibliometrics is an importantbranch of information science, library science, which analyzes laws of literature from aquantitative point of view, and evaluate the effects and forecasting about literature.Bibliometrics is a discipline of basing on the literature, which uses the methods ofmathematics, computer science, system science and so on, and researches on the law andscientific management of literature, and science and technology dynamic characteristics,which is now widely applied to various disciplines. the formation on Paper of ScienceEducation, the exchange process accompanied by the formation of a variety of bibliometricindicators, which of these indicators can be used to make scientific evaluation.about presentsituation and development trend of Science Education.Bibliometric methods are more suitable for using In this paper, researching on915thesisof Science Education in 《International Journal of Science Education》 from2001to2010about the United Kingdom, and from the Papers of the literature, topic of the thesis, author,citation etc., which carries on the statistical analysis and analyzes on main features of the law,and the research status of Science Education academic about the journal during10years,which carries on objective analysis and evaluation and finds out its problems and development rules, and provide comparisons perspective of Science Education research andinternational development. The research results are as follows:(1) Since2004, articles and research reports have been published in《InternationalJournal of Science Education》 and which is increasingly by rising. These results show thatincreasing the amount of information, and shorten the cycle of papers published, and toaccelerate the timeliness of the paper, novelty.(2) This study on the retrieval of915papers content theme keywords; theme keywordsarranged in the induction and on the basis of a theme and secondary themes. After statisticalanalysis, showing the following characteristics: First, a theme in science teaching and learningtheme number of papers up to285; Second, a theme of "scientific literacy", paper up to148;theme of "science teaching reseaching'method", paper up to108; This indicates that "scienceteaching and learning "and" scientific literacy "and "science teachingreseaching'method"widely concerned about the hot issues and topics by science educationresearchers. Third, in secondary theme, the theme of "teacher", the theme of "students" andtheme of "scientific teaching", the three secondary theme has a greater advantage over theother two themes.(3) It is to highlight the phenomenon of cooperative manner. in the journal paper, Afterstatistical analysis, the articles of Co-authors are total68.31%.Co-authors of the issued adocument is1.63, which shows a higher degree of cooperation between the author. Of whichabout seven out of ten papers together completed by X≥2authors.(4) There are referenced one paper on915papers in 《International Journal of ScienceEducation》, of accounting for24.05%; which references5papers is accounted for63.51%;cited more than10times the papers accounted for12.17%, which are referenced687papers,accounting for75.08%; cited a total of4760times, which was averagely each6.93times inevery paper. Single papers most cited76times, revealing the high academic value of the paper,reflecting on the research hot point of Science Education.
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